Sale of heat exchanger plates and gaskets

We offer high-quality plates and gaskets for 1500 heat exchanger types from 30 manufacturers in a range of material grades

Distribution of high-quality plates and gaskets

We supply spare parts for nearly 1500 types of plate heat exchangers.

In case you have your own service and maintenance team, we can also support you with the supply of spare parts for your plate heat exchangers.

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High-quality plates for nearly 1500 models

We supply plates for nearly 1500 types of plate heat exchanger from 30 brands in a range of material grades. Our experts will help you choose the right type and material grade.

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High-quality gaskets from Europe

We can offer gaskets for all plate heat exchangers in a range of material grades for any application, including the food industry. The gaskets we supply are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards.

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With 25+ years of experience, our professionals are at your service with the highest level of expertise and know-how.

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