Technical support and consulting

We support your professionals with 25 years of experience

Technical support and consulting

Operational safety optimised, lifetime maximised

With 25 years of experience in servicing plate heat exchangers, we can help you and your service technicians to maximise the lifespan of your equipment and optimise operational safety.

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Maintenance support for your in-house service team

If your plate heat exchangers are serviced by your own service technicians, we can provide technical support in addition to the supply of spare parts. This will provide you with the answers you need in the following areas:
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Helping to choose the right material grade for your gaskets

In case you are unsure about the right gasket material grade, we can help. Sometimes it's a simple task, sometimes it requires considerable expertise to choose the right gasket. For nearly 1500 heat exchanger types, we can select the right gasket from a wide range of material grades, taking into account the technical design of the model, its installation and the application.

For any other questions, we are at your disposal and here to advise!

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With 25+ years of experience, our professionals are at your service with the highest level of expertise and know-how.

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