Plate heat exchanger maintenance

Prevent panic breakdowns with planned preventive maintenance


Plate heat exchanger maintenance

Prevent unexpected downtime with planned maintenance.

The service requirements of plate heat exchangers are influenced by many factors. Its life cycle depends on the application, the run time, the temperatures and physical and chemical properties of the media, as well as the pressure to which the gaskets and plates are exposed.
Proper maintenance and precise servicing are required to maximise the life cycle.

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Planned downtime,
repairs and replacement

Our end-to-end service includes the regular maintenance of plate heat exchangers. The process involves the careful screening of the heat exchanger at set intervals to identify the cause and location of the next potential failure. Thanks to regular inspections, replacements and repairs can be planned, therefore the production downtime. No unexpected failure will prevent production.
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Life cycle monitoring

During regular maintenance, we keep track of and register the customer's equipment in our database. Based on the description and data, we help you plan future maintenance, optimising operational safety and maintenance costs. In all cases, we keep records of:

The above process allows you to schedule major shutdowns for the full service of the heat exchanger and prevent problems until the next scheduled maintenance. Planned maintenance contributes to greater operational safety.

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